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20 +Civilization Pick Up Lines { Best , Funny, Dirty, Cheesy}

Civilization Pick Up Lines

Civilization Pick Up Lines there is going to be a lot of pressure for you, where you have come after searching, in the best way, very best pick up lines have been presented for you so that you do not have to try to find other Civilization Pick Up Lines places and there is nothing to worry about. It is not

Civilization Pick Up Lines:

  • Do you like history, because were gonna make history tonight.
  • I adopted Piety so I could worship you.
  • May I pillage your luxuries?
  • Baby are you the Shoshone because you’ve given me a great expanse.
  • Damn girl, if you and I got together, we’d get a theming bonus.
  • Can I bombard your capital?
  • My chad won’t be hanging if you let me punch that hole.
  • If you were President, you’d be Babe-raham Lincoln.
  • Baby I’d bully a city-state for you.
  • Baby, are you Krakatoa? Cause you look like you spawned in an unworkable tile in the middle of the ocean.
  • Girl you like an archaeologist, cause you something money can’t buy.
  • I’d love to have a discussion with you about Bush, Dick, and Colin.
  • Are you an early hominid? Because I’ve got a Homo Erectus right now.
  • If I were Columbus, I would sail day and night to reach the depths of your heart.
  • I must be the U.S. Capital. Because my statues of freedom can be seen from miles away.
  • You may not be my First Lady, but I’ll make you feel like Jackie OH!
  • Baby you so stacked that when I’m on top of you, I gotta move.
  • Girl is your ass a citadel? Cause when you drop that next to me I gotta make a move.
  • Baby, I got more luxury resources than The Netherlands.
  • All roads lead to Rome.
  • Girl, do I have enough influence points with you to send envoys yet?
  • I just upgraded my warrior into a battering ram if you know what I mean
  • Baby I’d bully a city-state for you.
  • Hey girl, wanna come back to my room and see my World Wonder?
  • My Tower of Pisa is not leaning anymore.
  • Girl you like an archaeologist, cause you something money can’t buy.
  • I asked Barack Obama if you and I could get together later, and he said “Yes, you can”.
  • Girl you must be the World Fair, cause the whole world wants you.
  • Can I expand my civ into your civ?
  • Are you from Mongolia? ‘Cause I hear you’re into domination.
  • You make me happier than Notre Dame.
  • I’ll rush your production anytime.
  • Did you try the latest expansion? Because you just took me by storm!
  • Can I expand my civ into your civ?
  • How would you like to take a ride on Air Force One?
  • Babe, you are a Natural Wonder.
  • You’re my capital and I’m your Mehal sefari, the closer I am to you, the stronger I feel.
  • Baby, you just set my focus to growth.
  • Baby do you own Krakatoa? Cause I won’t believe my eyes when I see you work it!
  • Baby, you just set my focus to growth.
  • My legions will build fortresses anywhere for you, baby.
  • Damn girl, if you and I got together, we’d get a theming bonus.
  • I don’t need a CRS report to tell me how beautiful you are.
  • Damn girl, let’s get in on like we chose Fertility Rites for our pantheon.
  • Baby, I got more luxury resources than The Netherlands.
  • Girl, if I got with you the world would hate me for having a wonder they coveted.
  • Is your name Maya? Because I’d like to sacrifice you to the gods.

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