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100+ Drugs Pick Up Lines Best 2024

Drugs Pick Up Lines

believe Drugs Pick Up Lines we have tried to give pic offline this pic offline is very well that friends you can see because of this you want Drugs Pick Up Lines to impress you are at your home or boyfriend you can do it well we have home paint

drug pick up lines to impress or have a conversation with them if you have girlfriend then you can give address to those people or boyfriend you can give offline lyrics to those people they will also like Drugs Pick Up Lines it very much you can see the list of very good ones below are you

Drugs Pick Up Lines :

  • Are you a full moon? Because I can feel the Lunesta magic coming our way.
  • Are you a sleep-inducing drug? Because you give me sweet dreams.
  • Are you a drug? Because every moment spent with you feels like a trip to heaven.
  • Are you an antidepressant? Because you’ve managed to keep me smiling since the day I met you.
  • You must be my sleeping pill because, with you, I have nothing but sweet dreams.
  • They call me Dr. Love, and I’ve got a prescription for your heart.
  • Are you a bag of weed? Because you take away my pain and make me feel happy.
  • Our love is like an all-natural remedy – no harmful side effects and always effective.
  • Baby, you must be aspirin – my head’s spinning, and you’re all I can think about.
  • Are you my secret formula? Because you make all my pains vanish in seconds.
  • Are you a prescription? Because I’m feeling amazing, and it’s all thanks to you.
  • You must be my antidepressant, because you keep my spirits up.
  • I must have overdosed on dopamine, because I’m love-struck by you.

  • Are you a love drug? Because I just can’t get enough of you.
  • If I were a drug dealer, I’d give you my entire supply just for one smile.
  • Do you have a prescription for love? Because I need a dose of you every day.
  • Is your name Valium? Because you keep me calm and collected during the storm.
  • Are we pharmacists? Because we could develop the perfect love potion.
  • I’ll never need a prescription refill because your love is my cure-all.
  • Our chemistry is so strong; we could start our own pharmaceutical company.
  • Are you a legalized drug? Because I feel intoxicated every time I’m with you.
  • Is your name Ecstasy? Because sparks fly every time I touch you.
  • Call me caffeine, because I’ll be your energy boost whenever you need it.
  • You’re so intoxicating; they should name a drug after you.
  • You’re the best pain reliever I’ve ever come across.
  • Baby, if you were a drug, you’d be on everyone’s wishlist.
  • I need you like I need an Ibuprofen after a crazy night out – you cure everything.
  • Are you a potent prescription? Because you leave me feeling so alive.
  • You’re like an Advil – every time I see you, I can feel my heart beating faster.
  • You’re like my personal brand of miracle medicine.
  • You’re like a psychedelic, making me see the world in new colors.
  • Are you a serotonin booster? You always seem to lift my mood.
  • If looks could kill, you’d be a lethal drug.
  • You’re the first aid kit to my heart, ready to soothe any ache.
  • Did you know you have healing powers? One look at you and all my pains disappear.
  • If you were any more addictive, you’d be a controlled substance.
  • If you were a medication, you’d be the one I couldn’t live without.
  • Babe, you are the only brand I desire and I want no substitution.
  • Do you do it over the counter?

  • Excuse me, I think you dropped something: My jaw.
  • Girl you’re so expensive my insurance is requiring a prior authorization before our first date.
  • Do you have an inhaler? You took my breath away.
  • Girl you must be Sotalol, because you prolong my QT interval
  • Baby, there ain’t no placebo for what I can give you.
  • Even Pepcid AC can’t stop my heart’s burning for you
  • Do you have a Band-Aid? Because I just scraped my knee falling for you.
  • Are you lost Ma’am? Because heaven is a long way from here.
  • Does your left eye hurt? Because you’ve been looking right all day.
  • Babe, do you do more than lick and stick?

  • Babe, I got quick reconstitution time.
  • Baby I’m like Efavirenz. Go out with me and let me take your nightmares away
  • Are you a pharmacist? Because I am a patient and I heard you are patient lovers.
  • Girl, I am Rx rated.
  • Are you an Advil. Cause I’d like to take you every 2-4 hours.
  • Babe, is your middle name Desyrel? because you gave me a priapism.
  • Girl you must be norepinephrine, because you make my heart race!
  • Apply me to your sensitive area.
  • Baby, I will Medicare for you all night
  • Are you marijuana? Because you take the edge off and put a smile on my face.

  • I need mood stabilizers to keep my composure whenever you pass by.
  • Is your name Tramadol? Because you make my pain fly away.
  • Do you come with a warning label? Because I’m feeling some serious side effects here.
  • Are you a pharmacist? Because my heart needs a refill whenever you’re around.
  • You’re like a hallucinogen—every time I’m with you, my world begins to transform.
  • You must have some seriously powerful endorphins, because being around you makes me feel incredible.
  • Are you a dose of adrenaline? Because you always keep my heart pumping.
  • Are we at the pharmacy? Because talking to you is the only prescription I need.
  • Are you an adrenaline rush? Because my heart races every time I see you.
  • Can I be your Xanax? I promise to help chase those worries away.
  • Are you a prescription drug? Because I feel like I need you every day.
  • Are you made of MDMA? ‘Cause my world is brighter and happier when you’re near.
  • If there were a vaccine for loneliness, you’d be the first in line.
  • Are you a morphine drip? Because you instantly take away all my pain.
  • Our connection is stronger than the bond between molecules.
  • Are you made of morphine? Because you numb all my problems away.
  • You’re more enchanting than any hallucinogenic drug I’ve ever heard of.
  • Do you have an inhaler? Because you just took my breath away.
  • I’m addicted to you like I’m addicted to coffee – I can’t function without either.

  • Did you know love has similar effects to drugs? Looks like we’re already hooked on each other!
  • You’re like a magical aspirin, easing my pain with just a smile.
  • You’re the one drug that I never want to be without.
  • You must be Prozac, because just the thought of you makes me feel better.
  • You must be a Xanax, because you make my anxiety disappear.
  • Did you know that being around you is better than any painkiller I’ve ever tried?
  • Are you a painkiller? Because you take away all my aches with a single conversation.
  • As an anesthetic, you numb away all my fears and reservations.
  • You must be a performance-enhancing drug because you inspire me to become my best self.
  • I don’t need alcohol or drugs to feel high – your laughter is contagious enough.
  • I feel like I’m overdosing on Dopamine whenever I’m around you.
  • Am I overdosing on serotonin? Because it’s impossible not to feel joy when I’m with you.
  • Call me your aspirin, babe – I’ll always be here to take care of your headache.
  • Like a psychoactive drug, you alter my reality for the better.
  • Do you have a stethoscope? Because my heart races whenever you walk by.
  • With a look like that, I might just consider going to rehab and sharing my addiction.
  • If I were a drug, I’d be the compound that brings us together.
  • If love were a drug, you’d be my favorite high.

  • You must be nitrous oxide because the moment you walked in, you took my breath away.
  • Are you homeopathic? Because everything about you seems to have a healing effect on me.
  • You must be a Tylenol, because you take away all of my aches and pains.
  • Our chemistry is more potent than any drug on the market.
  • You must be a magic pill. How else could you make me feel this elated?
  • You’re like a magical potion that makes everything better.
  • Are you a muscle relaxant? Because you make me weak in the knees.

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Best Funny Drugs Pick Up Lines :

You Drugs Pick Up Lines must have seen that we have tried to give pick off line on dress offline friends on border offline very dangerous offline Drugs and friends we have tried to give for you so it is from that side that it has to be told friend and I believe that it happens in everyone what happens even a little bit is a Drugs little pills I mean when you

Drugs Pick Up Lines are sick then what you eat hurts a little bit friends because what happens is that she speaks with pain and And if it is dangerous then friends, I believe Drugs that the pic that has been tried to be offline, that offline boss Drugs has tried to give it for you, that too offline, how to use friends, the love you people and love you, you have to say just for those who are going to be useful, this is the only thing that we have tried offline, that love has

been celebrated by you and friends. Ustad Drugs Pick Up Lines has girlfriend and you want to impress girlfriend that you have boyfriend and want to impress boyfriend so friends can use this salable line for that all you Drugs need is friends and you want to impress or talk to them or you think they need pic offline to make their mood good you can make just use this one who loves very well friends and it is going to be good for him Friends, let’s Drugs start now to tell you two or four words because if you listen to those two or four words, then in

my Drugs mind it may be good for you, you Drugs Pick Up Lines will listen and what is yours So I believe that they suck then we have tried Drugs to give the clothes of the dress that the friend on drugs is very dangerous offline and friends I believe it is going to be beneficial Drugs for you friends what happens nowadays Drugs Pick Up Lines why everyone

uses a little bit and everyone has drugs friends a little bit I believe that you must think that your girlfriend or boyfriend needs offline to impress them and you have come Drugs here to give what is also good for us friends we Drugs are for them You can also give offline but I believe that to press them, whatever conversation you have with them and the way you have taken them offline, then friends, I believe Drugs Pick Up Lines that what you have to do, you Drugs can go to such a place and talk to them, then I feel that you are in a coffee shop

or Drugs dance, then I believe that If you are in Agra dance club and I believe only then you can’t hear very well there and nothing else is known Drugs but I believe you go and sit there itself or there should be no silence friends no your voice should not come friends and I believe Drugs Pick Up Lines your voice will not come Drugs then I believe the way you speak Drugs Pick Up Lines will increase well those who want to impress this you Drugs will also be able to do it well because

of Drugs no fear you will just And you Drugs will be able to talk to them well, only you both will be there, I believe that because of your pickup offline, your conversation Drugs Pick Up Lines will grow from here and if you call them pickup offline, then Drugs I Drugs Pick Up Lines will not mind, they will impress you and friends, I believe that you and them can have good conversations.

Final Word :

So Drugs Pick Up Lines friends we Drugs have tried to give holder stick offline only offline you can share to your friends that they also need pick up offline because they run everywhere looking for pick up offline but they do not know where to Drugs get pick up offline but I believe you must not have seen that the list sent to you is from the picture friend and you like it very much the list of pick up line of friends is very well received by you

Drugs Pick Up Lines and you would think that it is for pick up line want to give to your friends because friends also need Drugs well offline also want to impress them they are at home what happens to them that they have loved friends in a different Drugs Pick Up Lines way and I believe for those who were offline and they try but try Drugs them offline Varun doesn’t get it and then he helps to meet very well but he doesn’t come to meet and friends I believe you give it

very well Drugs because of the need of pick offline they will Drugs Pick Up Lines like it and friends can also be happy but I believe you need pick offline Drugs Pick Up Lines then you can come here different type of pick off line and the people Drugs you meet here who you think is your girlfriend they like anything friends I believe food the day after tomorrow or play them

For those Drugs who Drugs Pick Up Lines like different types of spots, then I believe that if you come here and search, then I came to my mind that different types of pick Drugs Pick Up Lines off lines are going to be found here and it can be good Drugs for you as well as for your girlfriend, friend and that too very well, you can also tell your friend, they will also like it, their girlfriend may also like it.

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